The Eyeball Speaks ©2013. part one

Dee-Dee Diamond
2 min readFeb 18, 2024

What if your late husband, inherited an oil painting from a late employee’s estate? And it arrived posthumously…so I was the one who received the gift.

When I unwrapped its bubbled packing, I couldn’t believe my eyes…

The subject of the entire canvas was an eyeball…only! It was not even a normal eyeball with a blue, brown or even green iris, but with strange symbolic reflections, deep within it.

It was 2' by 2' framed in an elaborate goldleaf, matted with sinister black moire silk. I turned the thing over to see on the back of the piece of art was inscribed mysteriously, to “Marcello who has The Eye.”


I closely examined the reflection hidden within the eyeball which weren’t noticeable immediately, to the naked eye, (pun intended).

There was a brass chain hooked closed, painted vividly…across the entire iris. Inside the locked iris was a distinct man’s face air-brushed in whitish/grey, …ghost-like.

It seemed like he was jailed behind the secured all-seeing eyeball.

Spooky! My blood froze.

A few days, hence, my lover is visiting me. I grab him & whisper; “You would not believe what arrived here.

“Sit down” I hand him a generous shot of Bourbon and re-filled my emptied glass. He sees the panic in my eyes, so he obeys.

I had to retrieve “The Eyeball” painting from the back of my hall closet, out of eyesight…as it gave me the creeps!

Now lover and I with our stiff glasses of bourbon to fortify us, unveil “The Eyeball”. He and I scoured over this strange inheritance with a magnifying glass.

It was then we both jumped, covered in gooseflesh, as he hoarsely blurted out, “that guy in the eyeball looks like me”!

“Holy Shit” …he sure did!

Choked- up we pondered the strangely scary message of this painting’s arrival.

Did the eyeball gift mean to expose that she, his employee, was wise to us having had a secret love affair, and planned my husband’s demise?




Dee-Dee Diamond

Born & raised in Brooklyn, 80 years, ago. Interviewed by The Brooklyn Historical Society. I published a funny book called” First Stop Brooklyn” it's on Amazon.