Mama Seetah & the Boychek…

Dee-Dee Diamond
1 min readAug 13, 2023


(No, it is not a new singing duo).

What happens when your daughter hooks-up, & lives with a Spaniard?

What happens when I ask the same daughter, innocently” Where’s the boychek today”?

Well did she give it to me! 😮🥵

“Don’t you ever call Victor “boy”! 😱🤐

“But I refer to you as “the girl” & that’s OK with you”? HUH!

“B-but Lisa, ‘Boychek’ means young boy. Since when one reaches 82, (like YOUR mama), every man in even in his 60’s, is a boy to me” …affectionately.

Sooo LUCKILY unbeknownst to me “The Boychek, Victor” was listening on the TELEPHONE, while she called me out.

Now my favorite & only Victor, listens then interjects, “It’s Ok, Dee-Dee if I can call you “Mama Seeta”.

“It's a done deal, Boychek”! 😁😁🥰

And that’s how” Mama Seeta and the Boychek” mutual admiration alliance was born.




Dee-Dee Diamond

Born & raised in Brooklyn, 80 years, ago. Interviewed by The Brooklyn Historical Society. I published a funny book called” First Stop Brooklyn” it's on Amazon.