“Another it can Only Happen to Me Story” …😮

Dee-Dee Diamond
2 min readAug 31, 2023

Flood Zone…not Tampa, or St. Petersburg or even Miami…🌴🌴🌴

I was busy franticly calling, my Floridian family, (to check on them), while they were in the full throes of frightening Hurricane Idalia”. They live in Tampa.

Meantime, a frightening low tide was silently creeping out from my toilet walls… in waves. Shock as I waded into my foyer that leads into my room & bathroom. It was my “Storm” leak nightmare.

Residing in a Manhattan 22nd floor flat isn’t supposed to flood, especially coincidingly with a major hurricane in Tampa.

This time it was at midnight, not 7:00 in the morning. (Both bad timing for me)! Early morning is a no-no…bedtime also a no-no. (Both times I’m in my nightgown).

Immediately I phone waking the super.

“HELP”, I beg.

Up came the team of porters with water vacuum, pails and wrenches, to my rescue. (They look like the 3 Stooges ready for anything)!

There goes my newly replaced bathroom rug, and towels and Maxi pack of Charmin, and embarrassing packages of feminine hygiene products. (Who knew how well they absorb flood waters as they bloat up as submarines). Don’t tell Femma. LOL! 🤣

My buckled parquet floors lifted more to low slopes.

(Good thing they still haven’t replaced them yet from last waterfall)! Most scary for me is at my age, I’m particularly prone to falls. I especially favor wet, slippery slick floors to tumble on. 👵🩹🩹🩹💊

…Crack- Snap🎯 OUCH!

Heaven Forbid!

The super advised me to matter -of -flatly, “There cannot be any repairs ’til tomorrow afternoon. You must the other (inconveniently located) bathroom… I’ve turned the water off in your loo”.

An undesirable detour for my sleepy nighttime treks! 🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻

Miserable woe is me… 😖😡😠…AGAIN!

Thanks for asking: There was No flooding in my daughter’s house…in Tampa.



Dee-Dee Diamond

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